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I used to have a list of fandoms here, but it became too long. Suffice it to say that I have many interests. Among other things, I am also a gaymer, feminist, and lucid dreamer. I do my best to be nice :)

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Jan 4

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Jan 3

also moran was so ordinary looking like i was expecting some scary dude with a bunch of scars because in the original stories he’s a soldier/big game hunter but then it turns out he’s just an average middle-aged dude watching some tv and attempting to bomb parliament.

Jan 2

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john watson shouts “I AM NOT GAY!!” the audience roars in laughter. another vulnerable group of people used as a joke. what ground-breaking writing. why include queer characters when you can just hint at them and make them vehemently defend their heterosexuality instead?

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Anderson’s mental image of Sherlock as a badass sexy action hero, can I get a HO-YAY?

Sherlock Season 3: Lestrade + Sherlock Hug

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also letting john believe that he was about to die in a fiery explosion just for shits and giggles was a really awful thing to do and john needs to punch sherlock in the face like 200000 more times.

That episode was the weirdest thing I’ve ever seen.

Jan 1


i have found the perfect gif representing the sherlock fandom’s return:


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Dec 28

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